To illustrate the paths each exhibitor took, the curators look within themselves for the common denominator that binds them. SingaPlural 2019 is curated by Formwerkz Architects & Bravo Rocks. The unifying element/technique from these 2 entities (architecture & branding) is the idea of lines and its familiar application in their respective fields of work. Lines are defined as long, narrow marks or bands. Graphically (branding), lines can be used to outline things and create silhouettes. Spatially (architecture), lines are used to create volumes of space in a clear and concise manner.

Conceptually, we wanted to look at redefining the notion of lines when we take them from a two-dimensional realm into a three-dimensional one. By applying lines in the atrium space, the exhibition is grounded both formally and functionally. 480 strings are hung in a graceful manner, creating a vertical connection between the four-story void and the ground level, resulting in a dynamic volume that anchors SingaPlural 2019.

The installation consists of hanging 480 various lengths of lines. Made of 2 mm white nylon strings and secured with draw strings, they are stretched to fill the atrium space of the National Design Center. A frame is constructed with registration points, allowing control of spacing, an important factor to suspend the lines. The lines are hung in a diagonal manner, creating an illusion of a twisted suspended motion. Hung in a catenary manner, the lines fall gracefully in 3 distinctive layers, creating a soft and ethereal canopy for the exhibition underneath it.  Illuminated by the natural skylight and corresponding with the time of the day, a dynamic motion of lines and shadows elegantly graces the atrium. Poetically suspended, the installation anchors the space with the elegance of a rhythmic movement.


Formwerkz Architects was established in Singapore in 2004 by Alan Tay, Seetoh Kum Loon, Gwen Tan and Berlin Lee. The practice is largely defined and shaped by their common interest in the recovery of mutual human relationships, and the restoration of primordial relationships between man and nature. Projects become vehicles to design happenings or more precisely, the conditions that can espouse more active engagement between man and man with his environment.