SingaPlural 2018 Highlights

Take A Peak

Antalis x META Studio

Taking the fundamental quality of paper- its ability to receive marks as print and imprint, the designers shift the discussion from the Gutenberg Press to the instructional marks made by tailors and form-makers on flat patterns and paper drapes.

Play at Work

By Benel x 11H

The installation is named "Play at Work", where a set of sofa with privacy panels, coffee tables and ottomans are arranged to show how the use of colours in furniture can help transform the office into a playground where people can connect and have fun together.

Hidden Gems

Cellini x Djalin x etc lab

Hidden Gems is a movement targeted at creating contemporary objects with traditional crafts and materials. Together with mentors from Cellini and Djalin, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Product Design & Innovation students set out to experiment with the intricate techniques of
weaving and wickering.

The Mad Hatter

By Ewins X Gabriel Tan Studio

This is a play of colours, forms, reflection and light diffusion. The result is a surrealistic installation which gives the illusion of an expanded universe of lights.


By IDF Singapore x arttd'inox x Trigger Design

The designers breathed life into steel to create diverse forms of animals and children's play
creatures. It is an extraordinary use of material – that is otherwise associated with being
hard and cold – to evoke emotions and an experience of playfulness.


By Infuud Asia (Kki Sweets) x Spatial Anatomy

Masak-Masak is a quest to redefine food culture through the design of food and space within an environment of play. The prototypical stall takes reference from “masak-masak”, a term that refers to an imaginary cooking game that is popular with little children, where simple readily available objects are used to create a make-believe scenario of running a food stall, cooking and serving food to customers.

A Room to Eternity

By JVCKenwood x AK+

A Room to Eternity is conceptualized as a sanctuary and hybrid space between a tea house
and the idea of “forest bathing” using the KooNe technology from JVCKENWOOD.


By Kvadrat x Publicworks 

Headspace is made with REALLY by Kvadrat. The lightness and rigidity of the material makes it possible for the entire structure to be suspended 1.2m above the gallery floor. The acoustic properties of the material will dampen the noise of the gallery for visitors and allow them a few moments of introspection and reflection.


By Kvadrat x Publicworks 

The vibrant upholstery textiles are from Revive 1+2 by Kvadrat. They are made from post-consumer recycled polyester and are especially created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact both in production and natural resources.


By Pinch Design

The early learning and development stages of children are especially dependent on play.Children learn through different types of play, and “Pretend Play” is particularly important as it allows them to do things independently in their own little ways.


By IDA Technology

The installation aims to provide an insight into the design process of an architectural office enhanced by leveraging on technology and digital tools. Experience not just the process but also the design itself in new mediums and representations.

Chroma Light Series


Chroma Light Series is a research based on bone-china porcelain, light, colour and translucency.
The collection results in limitless playful possibilities. The light shining through the inner coloured porcelain surfaces create a different ambience when used by bouncing colours into its surrounding space.


PRODUCE is an award-winning design studio with a focus on developing and actualising ideas for the city through the design of objects, spaces and buildings. The studio places an emphasis on prototyping to help realise its design visions and takes pride in having its own prototyping capabilities.

PRODUCE won several awards at the recent World Architecture Festival, including the prestigious World Interior of the Year 2017 and the best Display Interior. The studio was also awarded the best retail project of the year at WAF in 2012 and 2015. In addition, it was the only Singapore firm presented with the Gold Medal at the 2016 Singapore Interior Design Award.