SingaPlural 2019 Highlights

Enjoy the Silence


AntiCAD x Takahashilim A+D

Why are our ears shaped the way they are? Because the folds and undulations of our ear help to channel and modulate sound, and thus enhance how we hear and sense the world. Enjoy the Silence explores this intimate link between form and sound. It is a sculptural acoustic installation that melds complex geometry and sound absorbing material to create an unnatural quiet zone within a crowded space.


EDL x Formwerkz

Bo(u)lder is a sculpture involving illusion and laminates. The agenda is to create an illusion of stone at first glance and gradually transforming its perception into something else as one observes closer. Bo(u)lder becomes a symbolical step in transforming the general presumption of what laminates are.

A Portraiture of Facets


Designers often mimic or enhance nature. The act of design is actually an unnatural process because we create anything and everything from scratch. Any craft or technique is the epitome of “Unnatural Phenomena”. By inlaying laminates, we mimic the natural materials traditionally used for this technique. While looking at the entire Admira collection, we started seeing each laminate as an individual colour. The entire library provided us with a diverse range of palettes, hues and shades.Piece by piece we use each laminate like paint, piecing together an archive of faceted portraits.



All things evolve to respond to contextual conditions in which they exist. All things will pass if they do not evolve. Animals, plants, technology and cities are in a state of evolution at a naturally determined pace. The renaturation exhibit discusses the ideas around evolution, taking inspiration from the process of cytokinesis – how cells are formed. Renaturation is a dynamic piece which will evolve over the course of Singaplural 2019. It will grow, move and transform as time passes. What happens when the masses have the opportunity to participate in the evolution of an organism?


Cellini x etc.lab x Synergraphic

A collaborative design exploration between Cellini, Synergraphic and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, School of Design & Environment. The installation challenges the conventions of aluminum casting and glass making. In this installation, students will showcase the harmonious blend of aluminum and glass infused into contemporary living objects.

Ipse Ipsa Ipsum

Ipse Ipsa Ipsum x Orcadesign x AMR

Ipse Ipsa Ipsum is a local furniture and accessories brand aimed at discerning homeowners.This year Ipse Ipsa Ipsum launches the Muse & the Straits collection. The two collections present a reinterpretation of fashion & nostalgia and incorporates fun elements of surprise to create timeless, luxurious pieces. The collaborators have delved into aesthetics, materials and craftwork which draw inspiration from rich cultural heritages. The result is metamorphosed furniture design which aspires to interrupts the homogeneity of modern life.

Graceful Fig

Stone Amperor x MM Galleri x Lian Architects

The design takes on the curatorial direction of unveiling a new breed by drawing inspiration from the graceful fig shell and its simple yet elegant process of forming through the fibonacci sequence. The shell is unravelled to create a table surface, which inverts the use of the shell as a protective element whilst revealing the thinness of the surface.


Décor Fan x Fraction

Inspired by the season of harvest, guests are transported to a perfect glorious autumn morning. As the fan picks up speed, feel cool breeze tickling your hair and embracing your skin. As pinwheels dance in the wind, hear crisp brown leaves waltzing through the air. And with the VR goggles, see warm sunlight cascading through the leaves, painting everything golden. Immerse yourself fully in our installation and ignite your senses. You just might smell the maple leaves bathing in the glowing sun!