It’s only seven more weeks to SingaPlural 2018!  Have you marked it in your calendar yet?

In this edition, we are celebrating the exploration process designers and businesses undertake to develop their projects and products.

We want to talk about the research and motivations, and the behind-the-scene failures and trials.  We want to honour the iterative loop in experiments, and be excited about the accidents, opportunities and possibilities one can discover during the experimental process – this is where new findings occur and innovations happen.

As these accidental findings are easily lost during the exploration processes, we want to bring attention to it and encourage better documentation to avoid the loss of opportunities.

With the theme “A State in Play”, we look to shift the concept of play from something that is frivolous and amateurish to a process that is quintessential for design and innovation.

The word “State” has a double meaning.  It is synonymous with a "phase" before the design process.  Experimentation happens before a design question is framed; and the designer is open to possibilities, and receptive to understanding and learning from the subject matter from all angles.  It is an unrestrained state of mind akin to kids engaged in sensorial play.

State also refers to Singapore – that our design industry is poised for innovation, experimentation and research. The event is thus a showcase of our design thinking across different sectors of our industries (we have even included a segment on Food Design).

At SingaPlural 2018, you’ll get to learn about a few threads of experiments and their application.  There are Sustainability – Recycled Materials and the Circle Economy; Interactive and Participatory Play; Perceptual Play – Virtual, Sound and Taste; Furniture Material Exploration; and Material Exploration.  There is also a series of From Experiments to Practice lectures showing state-of-the-art applications of experimental processes.

We are working closely with the participating designers to showcase more of their trials and experiments. Hopefully, we’ll offer you something to contemplate and think about during SingaPlural 2018!


PRODUCE is an award-winning design studio with a focus on developing and actualising ideas for the city through the design of objects, spaces and buildings.  The studio places an emphasis on prototyping to help realise its design visions and takes pride in having its own prototyping capabilities.

PRODUCE won several awards at the recent World Architecture Festival, including the prestigious World Interior of the Year 2017 and the best Display Interior. The studio was also awarded the best retail project of the year at WAF in 2012 and 2015.  In addition, it was the only Singapore firm presented with the Gold Medal at the 2016 Singapore Interior Design Award.