Featured Project – Chroma Light Series

Chroma means the purity of a colour or its freedom from white, the intensity of distinctive hues and the saturation of a colour.

STUDIO DAM wants to achieve just that by using bone-china porcelain, pigments and light with their CHROMA LIGHT SERIES.

The collection aims to ensure the coloured light creates a different domestic ambience when used.

The collection’s main investigation between porcelain and pigments looks at the natural strengths of bone-china porcelain which explores the relationship between colour, light, translucency and space.

The designers started by experimenting with porcelain’s translucency and its relationship with colour and light. It quickly becomes interesting when the inner surface of the designed lamp shade is covered with an intense colour while the outer surface is a calm white.

Without switching on the lamp, it looks ordinarily white. Yet upon usage, the white volumes turn translucent. The light shining through the whites and bouncing off the pigments sends the colours into its surrounding space.



STUDIO DAM is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Debby Yu (Singapore) and Matthijs Rikken (The Netherlands). They create products, imagery, spatial & visual brand identities. Their distinct approach is to always work intuitively with their hands and directly with materials during the conceptualizing phase. This way of working leads to their signature style and unique outcomes.
Their studio is currently based in Singapore.