Beyond the Surface

How did AntiCAD and Takahashilim A+D create a sound-absorbing surface which grows exponentially outwards? What does the Renaturation process signify, and where does evolution fit in this exploration? Such questions and many more will be discussed in great detail at our exclusive session ‘Beyond The Surface’, as our SingaPlural exhibitors delve deeper into the inspirations behind their compelling installations.

“Beyond the Surface” is an informal gathering for all participants from SingaPlural 2019. Meant to be informal yet informative, each participant is encouraged to share the journey they took. The back to back format (6 presenters continuously) allows the audience to understand and analyze the similarities and differences each exhibitor encounters.

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Alan Tay
Founding Partner, Formwerkz Architects

Eugene Kosgoron
Associate Designer, Formwerkz Architects


Date: 13 March 2019
Time: 1400 – 1420 hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

High-pressure laminates are able to blend paper and finish into a surface that seems to be another material entirely. Reflecting on the nature of this illusion, we look into how laminates currently emulate other materials in looks and texture, and explore how to enhance this further. The investigation involves implementation of techniques such as kerfing and curve folding to transform laminates from a 2-dimensional surface into a 3-dimensional volume.

The agenda is to create an illusion of stone at first glance and gradually transforming its perception into something else as one observes closer. The design takes on the shape, look, and behaviour of a natural stone in silhouette. Meanwhile, the smaller details let the object morph from a smooth, hard solid to an airy, soft veil.

Alan Tay & Eugene Kosgoron from Formwerkz will be sharing their ideas behind this exhibit.

Saurabh Mangla
Founder & Design Director, ipse ipsa ipsum by Sam & Sara

Jeremy Sun
Design Director, Orcadesign Consultants

Interrupting Uniformity In Design — A New Perspective From The Straits Collection

Date:13 March 2019
Time: 1420 – 1440 hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

Modernity has brought a pervasive uniformity which has encompassed our lives — from the environment we live in, our choice of goods, to our daily routines.

Together, Saurabh Mangla, Founder of IPSE IPSA IPSUM and Jeremy Sun, Design Director of Orcadesign, seek to interrupt the status quo with their latest collaboration: “The Straits Collection”.

They believe that the continued evolution of furniture design and how we can build beautifully unique and hospitable urban cities lie within an unexpected paradox — do the possibilities of our future, reside in our past?

Dr. Jason Lim Teck Chye
Director, TakahashiLim A+D

Enjoy the Silence

Date: 13 March 2019
Time:1440 – 1500hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

We will be sharing a behind the scenes look at how TakahashiLim A+D and AntiCAD designed Enjoy the Silence--our entry for this year's SingaPlural exhibition. Driven by the idea of creating an unnatural pocket of silence within a crowded space, we will describe how we created a sound-absorbing surface, which grows exponentially outwards, based on an understanding of hyperbolic geometry and acoustical material behaviour. We will also talk about the use of custom developed computational tools and 3D printing technology to realise this unique sculptural artifact.

Celine Ng
Designer, Fraction Design

Aaron Teo
Business Development Manager, Décor Fan Singapore

No man is an island

Date:13 March 2019
Time: 1500 – 1520 hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle RoadSingapore 188969

Collaborative design process - leveraging on the brand’s innovation to facilitate collective brainstorming and designing. Is design ever a linear route sparked by a lone genius moment? This talk explores the journey behind Autumn - the conceptual showcase for SingaPlural 2019 by Decor Fan Singapore x Fraction

Jake Tan
Executive Director, Admira

Debby Yu
Founder, Studio DAM

Matthijs Rikken
Founder, Studio DAM

Portraying Laminates

Date: 13 March 2019
Time: 1520 – 1540 hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

A design studio (STUDIO DAM) primarily working with natural materials and traditional craft, will discuss the pairing and collaboration with a laminate company (ADMIRA) by the curator of SingaPlural 2019. How to connect a man-made material with a traditional craft (inlay)? This collaboration has changed the mindset of STUDIO DAM who has never previously considered working with a laminate company because it is a material that they have never worked before.

Dan McLean
Program Director, Product Design

David Blaiklock
Program Coordinator, Illustration and Animation

Hattie Culbertson
Industrial Designer

Tom Dell’oso
Industrial Designer

The Renaturation Story

Date:13 March 2019
Time: 1540 – 1600 hrs
Location: National Design Centre, Auditorium L2 , 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

All things evolve to respond to contextual conditions in which they exist. All things will pass if they do not evolve. Animals, plants, technology and cities are in a state of evolution. Evolutionary design that once took a millennia can now by achieved through science and machines in a generation. What happens when we have the opportunity to participate in the evolution of an organism? The UniSA Renaturation exhibit visualises this process, inviting people to interact with and evolve the exhibit over the course of SingaPlural 2019. In this sharing session UniSA will discuss the ideas behind the Renaturation Exhibit.